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updated: 18/4/2010

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You're the reason| Woohyun/Sunggyu | G
My world crumbles when you're not here

Time felt slow. 'Does he need to scold hyung anymore longer?' Woohyun thought to himself. All seven of them were in the room, but the CEO seem to aim for the leader, of course, the leader is responsible for the group, but they are a team. The CEO used a lot of words, and most of them were not that nice to hear, especially when directed to someone who does not deserved to be called as such.

"Isn't that a bit rude?" All the heads in the room turned to look at the owner of the voice, who was able to keep a straight face.

i keep my cool but i'm fending

"Woohyun, you shouldn't do that?" Sunggyu approached him after their meeting with the CEO ended. "Your welcome?" Woohyun replied, confused.

"Look, I know you think he was rude."

"Think? He obviously had no respect to us at all."

"That's the point, he doesn't have to, that's why we can't talk back at him"

"Aren't we humans here?" Woohyun asked, boiling up.

"Aren't we professionals here?" Sunggyu asked in his I'm-your-leader-tone. Woohyun looked at him in disbelief, and simply replied


try to say goodbye I choke

Woohyun did not speak at all to the leader throughout the whole journey back to their dorm, skipped lunch, and distanced himself from Sunggyu for the rest of the day. It concerned the older, considering Woohyun did not do anything wrong to be exact, he just defended his hyung which technically is not wrong no matter how you put it, he wondered if he was right and Woohyun was wrong or was it the other way around? He was not sure, but he was sure that he needed to get rid of the guilt eating inside him and console with Woohyun quickly so that he would not suffer the silent treatment any more longer. He woke up later  in the middle of the night, just to find Woohyun's bed empty without the owner.

He knew where he was, the roof.

"Are you alright?" Woohyun did not reply, nor bothered to face the leader.

"I'm sorry for this morning, I shouldn't have said that to you." Woohyun turned to face Sunggyu, yet still no reply

"Do you want some company?" The younger returned his attention back to the stars, ignoring the question.

"I'll leave you alone then." Just when Sunggyu reached the door, he heard Woohyun's voice calling him, "Hyung!" He felt so relieved to hear that voice again.

"Please stay."

though I try to hide it, it's clear,

"Have you ever felt so insecure and lonely and that you want to hold yourself so tight that you might even break? That the world seems so much foreign to what you've imagined it would be when you were little, that everything is too damn complicated that you can't do what you want to do say what you want to say and sing whatever song you want to sing with whatever note and whatever expression you want to have without people trashing you?

Sunggyu did not answer, not that Woohyun was even expecting him to, he continued

"Can't we live the world we used to dream of?" Sunggyu shifted to a more comfortable position, arms enveloping the younger's body

"If we did, what would you want to do?" Sunggyu asked. Woohyun faced the leader, eyes glimmering with unshed tears. "I just want to sing."

Sunggyu could feel the sorrow in his voice, the gloom in his words.

"I know the world is cruel, and life doesn't go the way you plan it to be. Sometimes I feel like running from it all, sometimes when I wake up I feel like screaming, but then I thought about it, and the world doesn't seem so bad after all, 'cause there's you in it."

He leaned closer and kissed Woohyun's eyelid.

"I can see your beautiful eyes."

He kissed the other eyelid.

"I can kiss your pretty face."

He kissed Woohyun's cheek.

"I can listen to your singing."

He planted a soft kiss on the younger's lips.

"And I know that you are enough reason to stay."

my world crumbles when you're not here.


blurgh =,=

Drabbles- batch 6

I don't understand why school exams are  so long. I spent 20 minutes answering, 1 hour doodling, and then these three came up. And oh, I just heard yesterday that I'm accepted to the Chess' Nationals, which explains the short chess drabble. I'm both nervous and excited x] blurgh

 Dancing with a moron | Mir/Nana | G | Crack
A used-to-be-ballroom-dancer-turn-ballerina falls for a b-boy

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Lucifer | Yunho/Jaejoong | PG | fluff
You act like a devil, but you look like an angel
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Memoir |Donghae/Eunhyuk | G | Crack
Donghae recites a letter to his queen

a short continuous of this
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I define...

I define... | Kyuhyun/Donghee | G |Crack
Well the dictionary defines it as this, what's your definition?

A/N: I left this unpublished in my drafts for nearly a month ;P this is a chess!fic fyi. 

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Drabbles- Batch 5

6 Chess influenced drabbles


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Maybe the rounds earlier today was tough, and I couldn't help but to think of this. Suju members as pieces playing on the board. Idk ;/

P/s I kep singing 'you better run, run, run..' whenever I'm threatening to eat my opponent's piece XD