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Drabbles- Batch 5

6 Chess influenced drabbles



Over-looked pawn | Eunhyuk-centric

He is siginificant actually. He plays an important role in this mind strategy game, but it's over looked when there are seven others that are faceless just like him, acting as the first line of defence. Eight seems abundant when the others do not go over the digit two, and because of the way this game of life plays, sacrifice is not an option, and it's always given to the least important ones.

Hyukjae knows his fate as an under-rated pawn. He is aware of how his role is judged, yet he doesn't want to be the one who is given willingly, he doesn't want to be the bait for something bigger than him, he hates it when he's hopelessly stuck with something else blocking his way, preventing him from move forward.

He doesn't want to die a meaningless death, and he knows he won't if he does the right move, makes the right steps..

..and he will.


Long legs Bishop ; Qmimin

Bishops are known for their long legs., how they can strech it wide from co-ordinate A1 to H8, and A8 to H1. As long as nothing gets in the way, they could even kill the queen or checkmate from a far distance. But the thing is, between two bishops on the same side, they never get in each other's way: they never meet up, or have any physical contact- they can't even watch each other's backs. They have the same power, but they're strangers nevertheless. Even if they're fighting for the same game piece, they will never fight each other.

Zhoumi lingers with Kyuhyun, Sungmin teases with the latter. And yet, both Sungmin and Zhoumi could never face each other. Not that they wouldn't; their situations just shows that they couldn't, and it stays that way.

Two white bishops aiming to defeat the single black knight.

Twisted Knights | Shihyuk

As each piece have their significant special move, knights have their own, but they are slightly different in terms of escaping a blocked position. If all the other pieces have to wait for a pawn to step forward, just to make a move; a knight can jump over. They never get blocked near, because they can easily jump, but this sheer confidence occasionally results to a sudden backfire.

Knights move to an 'L' shape , as what 'L' stands for, is a mysterious fact to find out. 

Siwon attacks with lust. He aims for the weak pawn that caught his eyes, and moved an 'L' so that their lips meet in another step. What he didn't know, that this pawn wasn't those pawn you can scare off with a daring move as a threat. Siwon was taken aback when this scrawny little pawn stepped forward, threatening him.

It only needs courage to step forward, for a white pawn to defeat the black knight. Thus, turning that 'L' movement, to a step away from Love



Invisible Rook | Kihae

Rook doesn't jump like horses,even when they stand side by side before everything starts. Rooks are often forgotten, because of the arrangement of pawns that enables it to move freely without using a few steps, just to bring it out to fight.

So Kibum sits quietly at the corner of the board, A1. He doesn't bother people, and he watches them play a fierce battle without him. But he's the secret weapon in the game, the heroic piece that could protect the king from harm.

So he has an affair with Donghae, the King of Whites, and save him as well as the whole game by just one move: castling.

Queen in Control | Heechul-centric 

The queen is not bossy, nor does he gives out orders. The reason of the title, is because he has the most power. Combination of the powers of bishop, rook, and even the king himself. The queen needs to be daring, and use great advantage of this power, this over flowing confidence and energy.

Everybody loves the queen, thus everybody protects it. Heechul is spiteful, witty and annoying, but he cares for his dongsaengs and the dongsaengs care for him. From the lowest rank pawn, to the quite rook to even the King himself, everyone has to make sure the queen is safe; especially when it's attacking near the other side's territory.

The black queen is ahead in the White territory. Question is; would he make it before the Black King falls?


Checkmate | Kangteuk

It always happen, it's bound to happen, almost all mates include the queen, and it does not exclude this battle. It was a mistake to leave the king unguarded, and having unnecessary pieces blocking his escape. All's fair in love and war. The game was fair and square; The White queen cornered the Black King.

What to do Kangin? The angelic white queen has captured your heart, and there's no where to go.



Game Pieces

Kangin- Black King
Heechul- Black Queen
Kyuhyun- Black Knight
Eunhyuk- Black Pawn

Donghae- White King
Leeteuk- White Queen
Kibum- White rook
Zhoumi- White Bishop (white tile)
Sungmin- White Bishop (Black tile)
Siwon- White Knight

Maybe the rounds earlier today was tough, and I couldn't help but to think of this. Suju members as pieces playing on the board. Idk ;/

P/s I kep singing 'you better run, run, run..' whenever I'm threatening to eat my opponent's piece XD 
Tags: #fanfiction, character: eunhyuk, character: heechul, fandom: super junior, pairing: kangin/leeteuk, pairing: kibum/donghae, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, pairing: kyuhyun/zhoumi, pairing: siwon/eunhyuk
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