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All's Fair in Love and War

All's Fair in Love and war | Yunho/jaejoong | PG-13 | Highschool!AU
Jaejoong's running for president, but he's also running into a love affair

written for maxism12 

"How rude!" Changmin exclaimed, eyes dotted on a particular Jaejoong poster that was doodled with a moustache and wrinkles. "You think I look good in a mostache?" Jaejoong asked, looking at the poster too.

"Someone doodled on a poster of you, and that's all you could say?"

"Well it's bound to happen, politics are tough, plus they didn't make me look that bad, I still look handsome even when doodled." 

"I think someone's after you, you know, because of this election thing. You can't ignore the doodles this culprit did since last week."

"So what are you tyring to say?"

"Look at Yunho's pocket!" he said in a mere whisper. Yunho, the popular kid, head of the Dance Club, high grades and younger than Jaejoong. He's a tough competitor for Jaejoong, also his arch nemesis. They've been fighting ever since 1st grade. People said the more you hate that person, the more you'll like them in the future. But in this case, it never happened, they hated each other and it stayed that way.

"That marker pen sticking out from his pocket, I bet he did it." Jaejoong was determined. "If it's him, I'll tear that man apart, I'll spy on him this evening!" Changmin looked at him, "Don't do it this evening, my mom made me babysit our neighbour's toddler while she's out." Jaejoong pulled out his tongue. "That's not my problem, I'm spying on him whether you're here or not."

Hyung~" Changmin whined.


Changmin failed to escape home, so Jaejoong was alone in the class, spying on a particular poster he hung outside. It was bigger than the rest of the posters for a reason. And there it was, the prey allured into the trap. Yunho passing the class made Jaejoong wake up from sleep.

He was ready with his camera standby. Yunho stopped at the poster, and Jaejoong was ready to click the button. Yunho walked closely to the poster..

and kissed it. Jaejoong opened his eyes as wide as he could, it was the most unexpected thing that he could ever imagine of. His mind went blank and he couldn't think straight, what was he doing? Why was he hiding? What time is it?

"Boo!" Jaejoong jumped at the sudden presence behind him. He turned to see Yunho eying him, a playful smirk on his lips. Just then, his phone rang, and he had no excuse not to pick it up.

"Changmin?" Yunho stepped forward and Jaejoong took a step behind. "Hey, is he there?"

Jaejoong was cornered against a wall, and the tall foxy-eyed man kissed his neck. "He...sure is." Jaejoong replied, a tad nervous in his voice.

"So was it really him?" He couldn't focus on what Changmin was saying, well who would when you have a pair of smooth hands groping under your shirt? "What?" Changmin let out a sigh. "Where are you right now?"

Yunho started nibbling his earlobes and licked it. "I'm in the hallway." The younger between the two whispered in his ear "Hang up already, before I do it for you." His voice was low and husky that it made Jaejoong shiver.

"Changmin, I can't talk right now, I have a..." Yunho took off his blazer and started unbottoning Jaejoong's shirt. " appointment in 10 minutes." He revealed Jaejoong's left shoulder.

"Well at least tell me was it him?" Yunho's hands slid down to his pants, and he whimpered.

"Was it really him who doddled on your posters?"

"Oh, yes!" He squeezed the bulge in Jaejoong's pants. "Definitely, yes!"

A hand reached his phone, and flipped it shut. "I've waited since 6th grade for this!" Yunho left a trail of his kisses on Jaejoong's collarbone. "You don't know how I had to fight back my temptation in the locker room." it proceeds up to his neck. "I know you watch me!" Now at his cheek.  "Because I watch you too." Yunho's tongue made its way in Jaejoong's mouth, and it tangled with his tongue as long as he could remember.


The next day almost felt surreal. He met up with Changmin who kept bugging him for yesterday's details in which Jaejoong would never tell no matter what Changmin bribed him for. Then he saw Yunho who was constantly smiling, greeting people, and handing out 'vote 4 U-know who' badges. Jaejoong stared at the man who stood before him. It felt strange and weird to have that horny feeling just by watching him; it reminded him of the 'thing' that happened yesterday.

Yunho caught Jaejoong staring at him, and the elder quickly turned his gaze to the floor. He could see from the corner of his eyes that 'U-know who' is approaching.

"Hyung, look! Yunho's coming this way." Changmin pointed his forefinger towards him. "Wonder what he wants.

"Hi there!" Yunho greeted, with that charming smile he never gets rid off.

"What do you want?" Changmin asked lazily, clearly showing no interest whatsoever, and Yunho replied with a wider smile. "I just want to give these." He said, handing over two packets. "I notice the competition is getting fierce, and I don't like to have enemies, so this is my token of let's be friends!"

Changmin pulled out a small plain muffin, and he furrowed his eyebrows looking at it. Jaejoong peeked in his packet and notice a chocolate blueberry muffin, slightly bigger than Changmin'sYunho chuckled at both responds. "I'll see you around." he said, eyes darted on Jaejoong and he winked at the latter. Jaejoong wished that Changmin didn't see or suspect anything of that matter, but his worry faded away when he heard Changmin's continuous complaints of his muffin. "Seriously? Muffins? And plain vanilla? It's small too. How dare he doodle on hyung's face and give us just muffins." Nevertheless he ate it seconds after that.


It was late evening, school ended hours ago but running for president is not easy when you need to grab the teacher's hearts too, and they take this matter for granted.

Jaejoong was filing students' names from grade 7th to grade 8th when Yunho suddenly appeared in front of him, with a playful smile and flirty eyes. Jaejoong couldn't remember how or what spell did Yunho use on him that they ended up making out in the toilet on the toilet seat. It was hard, wet and they were lacking grace but they made it work somehow (Jaejoong never knew it was possible). It was different this time around, Jaejoong actually contributed in the actions (topping for once) and the scratches on the door marked their filthy work.

After that, it grew into a habit. At every single location in the school; in the classroom, the teacher's lounge, the janitor's closet, even in the bushes owned by the gardening club. Time flew by, Jaejoong grew attached to Yunho, yet their relationship was never made public. It came to Jaejoong's concern when he overheard some gushing female student asking Yunho if he had a lover or not. He answered it with a twist which saved himself from the question; he didn't answer yes, nor did he say no. 

It was when Yunho nibbled on Jaejoong's lower lip that very evening in the library; literature section, that made him think was his relationship with Yunho based on lust, or love?


Yunho's parents were away for the night, which explains Jaejoong in Yunho's bed. Their legs were tangled and Yunho was breathing slightly, with his arms wrapped securely around Jaejoong's waist. "Yunho!" he calls out, and the younger replies with a mumble.

"Who am I to you?" Yunho replied instantly "I love you, you're my lover." eyes still close, his face still in Jaejoong's hair. There was seconds of silence before Jaejoong proceed to ask the next question.

"Then why am I a secret?" At this abrupt question, Yunho sat up, "What?" Jaejoong sat up to face the younger. "Why am I a secret? If you love me so much, then why do I feel as if I'm nothing more than just a fuck toy to you?" tears started trickling from his eyes. Yunho looked at him in astonishment, "I've never thought you as that, I love you and you know it!" Yunho reached out his fingers to wipe away Jaejoong's tears. "Are you ashamed that I'm a guy?" Yunho shook his head frantically. "No, stop it, there's nothing wrong with yo-"

"Then why won't you confess that you love me in front of people?" he cut Yunho off. "I will..I will, just not yet." he cupped Jaejoong's face.

"Are you afraid that people won't vote for you once they know you're gay?" At this statement, Yunho's eyes looked down, his hands released Jaejoong's face, and there was awkward silence in the air. Jaejoong sighed, "I knew it." He got off bed, picked up his clothes that were scattered on the floor, got dressed and left the house, and Yunho didn't even stopped him.


"Hyung, are you crazy?" Jaejoong rolled his eyes, ignoring Changmin's exaggerated response. "Why did you drop out? We worked so hard with the campaign, now it's all going to be wasted." Jaejoong shut his locker, and walked to his class. "Hyung~" Changmin whined. "Aren't you going to say anything?" Jaejoong stopped at his track, and faced Changmin. 

 "Look, I have my reasons, and it would be nice if you don't mention about this again, alright?" Changmin looked at him worriedly, but nodded anyway. "Are you okay hyung? Did something happened?" he asked,and Jaejoong replied, "Didn't we just talk about this 5 seconds ago: stop mentioning it!" he walked to his class, leaving Changmin dumbfounded.

He walked to class, Changmin was out of sight, but a hand grabbed his wrist and pulled him in the music room. It was none other than Yunho. "What do you want?" he avoided Yunho's piercing gaze. "Jaejoong, look at me!" he did as told, it wasn't a total shock, but it startled him to see Yunho's face so tired, the lump under his eyes, and the dark circles, it was blatant and clear that he didn't sleep the night before.

"Did you drop out because of me?" Jaejoong pushed the arms holding his shoulders away. "It has nothing to do with you!" 

"Look, about what you said yesterday, I-"

"Forget it Yunho, I understand. You want to be president more than you love me." 


"I know your last speech is in a few more hours, I'll root for you!" before Yunho could stop him, he already rushed out.


"Jaejoong, our MC couldn't make it today, can you fill in?" the teacher looked exhausted, and he didn't want to cause any commotions, so he agreed to it.

He had his script ready, and everyone was filling the auditorium. Everyone, including the candidates. He could feel Yunho glaring at him, but he ignored it, and act as if nothing happened. The ceremony began and everything went well, starting with the headmaster's opening speech, the disciplinary panel's brief talk, and then the time everyone have been waiting for. 

"Now I present you, the first candidate running for School president, Jung Yunho!" eveyrone applauded at his name, and he stood up wihtout a text, and started his speech.

"For the past month, I know how all candidates have done campaigns, charity, give out free inspiring speech so people would vote for them, but what truly makes a leader is neither of those, it's the quality of their work and determination for the right thing. I've noticed a lot of lacking on our school, and I promise a better system if I become the president. One thing I want to talk about, is a secret of mine..." Jaejoong looked up at Yunho who was walking towards him.

He fisted Jaejoong's blazer, and smashed their lips together in a rough kiss, and the hall was filled with whispers and mumbles. "I love this man, so much and I'm not afraid to admit it. I understand the preference of a heterosexual leader, but let me say this: Vote for me because of my abilities, don't vote for me because of my abilities. I don't want people to decide on their votings because of my sex orientation which has nothing to do with leadership. That is all, thank you." Yunho pecked Jaejoong lips, and the hall once again grew noisy.

Jaejoong turned to look at Yunho, and his gaze said everything, I love you'


The results came out weeks later, Yunho won as expected and the school started to go through changes as promised during the campaign. Mostly everyone respected Yunho as a great leader and helped him in this big responsibility of his. Things were going well for Yunho, but as for Jaejoong, it was the opposite. The rumors never stopped, he constantly hears hateful remarks about him..

"I bet he wants to feel the power, that's why he dropped out."

"He's such a slut."

"Who does he think he is?"

..but a hand would slide into his, and the intertwined fingers reminds him how Yunho's hands are slightly bigger yet fit perfectly in his.Yunho smiles at him and all his worries fade away because he knows his world won't crumble and die when Yunho's there holding it for him. He wouldn't care the thousand spiteful comments about him if he hears the three meaningful words coming from Yunho. Jaejoong is strong, and Yunho is his strength. All they need is each other. Even if life gets rough, they will always keep the faith, and nothing can break them apart.

A/N: Finally a happy ending, feeling weird; I'm not used to writing happy endings, hope this was acceptable though ^^
Tags: #fanfiction, fandom: dbsk, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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