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An anon replied to my request *squeels* I want to make more chess!fic after this. I wonder if the anon who wrote this really is freefallskyline hmmm....

junsu grabs at his large head, his disproportionate body and thinks i must be a rook. he has that ability, that unique special needed loved desired ability, to move forwards or backwards or sideways. each possible pathway for him feels like painted crosses, stretched across the board in overlapping shapes. this comforts him.

taecyeon touches the round slope of his head, the wide girth of his base and thinks i must be a bishop. when he moves, he skips as many steps as he wants, he moves in diagonals that catch every one off guard. sometimes he moves backwards, sometimes he moves forwards, but he evades too quickly, too well, and is too important to ever be caught and eaten. he is glad.

nichkhun feels about his thin neck, his lopsided body, and thinks i must be a knight. he moves and lands in places no one expects him to, and he thinks, he knows he must be the most beautifully craft of them all. he tosses his head, imagining the rich mane that must be there flowing about his regal neck. he will be the saviour, the unexpected checkmate. he will be needed.

wooyoung looks at taecyeon, sees the projected image of bishop and holds his head until he finds the same round head, same wide base and thinks i am a bishop too. his diagonals are sharper than taecyeon's, faster than taecyeon's, quieter than taecyeon's. he is the bishop that hides behind the knight and remains unseen until he shifts to devour the queen whole, a movement and a swallow before she is dead. his pride overwhelms him, and he knows the foolish opponent never stood a chance.

junho is too far from junsu, but too close all the same, and he finds the same disproportionate, loathsome hate in junsu's eyes as his own and so he concludes i must be a rook. he must be seen. he moves forward, much as he can, until he is in danger and then he shifts sideways as far as he can. he cannot die, he must make it across to the other end. he cares not for kings and queens and opponents, he must win the game he has set and as the steady, consistent rook he will accomplish it. he is thankful.

chansung trails his fingers over his large jaw, his too long hair, and thinks i am the chipped knight. he is not as gallant as nichkhun's knight, but the mirror tells him he is just as regal in his own right. he moves too irregularly, too suddenly for other peices to care and when he is noticed, he is pursued and lost. so he is left to his own devices, wandering and escaping over the vast board until he realises that he has not been chased for some time. then he attacks and falls back, cowarding behind the closest piece. he feels no regret.

jinyoung is forced into checkmates before he loses his queen, the piece that the isn't needed but is all the same, gives up on his games and strategies and pushes all his pawns over, his junsu and taecyeon and nichkhun and wooyoung and junho and chansung, who are surprised and confused when they knock against each other and find that they'd never done anything but move straight towards sacrificial traps and distraction techniques. nichkhun, belly-down at the edge of the board, mouths to taecyeon, you pawn and junho snarls back, you too. wooyoung sneers, amused, you're one to talk, and junsu's muted, dulled laughter rings out with funny, coming from you. taecyeon spits, haven't you gotten good enough glances in those hand mirrors of yours yet? and it is chansung who says, pawns pawns pawns pawns pawns pawns.

they roll off tables and shatter against floors, with their round dense heads and billowed bodies that chip and splinter off, swept up with the rush of angry defeat as jinyoung closes his weathered checkerboards.

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