precinton (precinton) wrote,

of sappy poetry and fail romantic

of sappy poetry and fail romantic | Heechul/Hankyung | G | fluff
"I'm here writing sappy poetry, and rhyming cheezy lines and I'm blaming you for all of this!!!"

i know how everything's tiring,
i know that you need to soar high,
on the huge stage you're singing,
but in the inside you sigh.

for a moment i saw you crying,
looking away; fastening your pace,
for another moment i saw you laughing,
fooling everyone with that poker face

stop everything, enough is enough!
you don't need to show me,
i know you've been through a lot,
you don't need to act tough,
because i know, deep down you're not.

you have a choice not to be alone,
but you're isolating yourself from everyone,
why are you being like this?
look at what happened!
look at every single thing you've done!

i want you to be here by my side,
telling me you're wrong and i'm right!
i'll never get over it, don't tell me to,
because i will only love...

Tags: #fanfiction, #poetry, fandom: super junior, pairing: heechul/hankyung
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