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I define...

I define... | Kyuhyun/Donghee | G |Crack
Well the dictionary defines it as this, what's your definition?

A/N: I left this unpublished in my drafts for nearly a month ;P this is a chess!fic fyi. 

"Remind me why do you want to play chess again." Kyuhyun said, more as an attempt of sarcasm than an actual question. Sure he remembered how Donghae was- what do you call it- disconted when he lost to him (yet again) in a few rounds of computer games. Surely, he'd call it immature to blame the computer for being bias at younger people, but Donghae seemed to do just that. Infact he said it with a tad of seriousness in his tone, the you-better-watch-out kind of seriousness.

And Kyuhyun had learned well, that whatever question aimed at Donghae, doesn't matter if it's a rhetorical question, or a sarcastic question, he'd answer it all, so he already prepared his hand, and held it up, "No need to answer that!" 

Donghae looked offended at first, but he gets that a lot. "What's wrong with me wanting to play chess with you?" he moved his pawn forward, and Kyuhyun pushed it back where it was before. 

"What's wrong is that you're not good at it. This is an open check, i'm not checking you, but if you move that pawn, then I am." Donghae thought for a while, and then moved the same pawn diagonally. Kyuhyun did the same thing again, just that he rubbed his temples as he did so. 

"For the last time, this is not checkers!" He sighed. 

Then remembered what wise old Teukie hyung said one day, "If you want to teach anyone, you can't go your way, especially with people like Donghae. You need to try and level yourself with him, and let him understand the way he usually had understood things before." and now is time to put those words in action. 

"Hyung, listen carefully, chess is a game of love, you have to play hard to get and lure the queen in your trap." Donghae widened his eyes at the statement. Kyuhyun assumed he had changed Donghae's way of seeing the game as. He sure did, only not the way he wanted him to. 

Donghae took it literally, he moved all his pawns  first (one step for the first move of all pawns) which made it easy for Kyuhyun to check him. After he did, he asked why, and Donghae replied "I want them to be together, I like happy endings!" and he didn't know how to tell Donghae ow 'unhappy' the ending actually is from his side, but explaining that would take longer (than giving another definition) so he came up with something new. 

"Chess is war when the world is invaded by aliens, you have to sacrifice the less important pieces in order to protect the most imperative piece of all; the king!" he says, trying his best to give an expression that Donghae would understand.

Oh he did alright, he did understood the expression very well, pity it wasn't what Kyuhyun wanted. 

Donghae was a killer, a murderer, an assassin! He killed everything. Everything, he killed with all the pieces he had. He killed the queen even when it was guarded with a bishop. He killed Kyuhyun's knight which was guarded by a pawn, with his queen. He sacrificed his queen for a knight, and let his queen die in the hands of a common pawn. Kyuhyun figured if the queen had pride, it would've been very low, extremely low. 

He also figured that the expressions were not working, so he came up with a newer more mature expression. 

"Chess is politics, you have to deceive your opponents with sweet lies!" 

Kyuhyun didn't expect Donghae to actually understand it, but it was worth the shot- and it missed. 

He decided to give just another more expression and he's checking out of Lunatic Chess Club for sure. This time he tried to make it as general as it can get. 

"Chess is life, you have the make the right moves and deal with the mistakes you've done.
and there it was, that glint in his eyes, like he finally got it (at least Kyuhyun hoped he does), but to know for sure, Donghae need to show what his brain had interpreted. 
It surprised Kyuhyun at first, at how Donghae improved the way he played, it wasn't great, but it was better. How Donghae's pupils move rapidly from one piece to another, and how he bits the tips of his fingers, eyes unblinking. He almost looked like he could actually win the game, to the extend that Kyuhyun actually felt threatened. 
"Check-" Donghae placed his queen in between the two kings, and a smirk was visible on his face. "-mate!"
Kyuhyun scrutinized the three pieces, impressive. The whole battle was messy with bishops and rooks and pawns here and there, yet Donghae managed to catch him off guard with a daring move by the queen. 

Heechul appeared beside them and stared at the chessboard. "A threesome." he exclaimed, causing shocked looks by Kyuhyun, and a more shocking look by Donghae, "What?" 

"A threesome." Heechul said, not actually caring (or noticing) the looks by the two other present in the room. He turned and faced Donghae, "A dirty queen you got there." he said before getting out of the room, leaving behind an awkward silence between the two members. 

"I never knew chess is dirty." Donghae said after a long exaggerated 5 seconds of silence, eyes still dotted on his queen. "It's not- well it is- but-" Kyuhyun tried to find the right words so that Donghae would not get the bad idea after what Heechul just said, thanks a lot hyung!

"Remember what I said just now? About what chess is."  Donghae had a strange look on his face, "You said a whole bunch of things." 

"Exactly, chess is a whole bunch of things, and it all sums up to the most general thing: life." 

"Life isn't fair!" 

"Life is never fair, but that's not a reason to give up and game over. That's the exact reason on why we need to think thoroughly before making a move. Each step has its own consequences, good or bad- It can be dirty at times, but if that's the way to win, then you have to win. It's not just about luck, or random steps, or even smartness, it's... much more." Kyuhyun finished with a sparkle in his eyes. 

"Did I make any sense?" he questioned, after digesting what he had actually say just then. 

"Not actually-" Donghae smiled, "-But yes!" 

Then it happened again, the silence. Not awkward this time around, but still,  

"You want another round?" Donghae asked, feeling great after winning over the guru. 

Kyuhyun shaked his head just a little, enough for it to be called vibrating, "Nah, I'll pass." Donghae had this look on his face. He needs a chocolate drop, a pat on the back, a cool alien action figure displayed at the mall
and Kyuhyun seems to ignore that needing look. "Kyuhyun~" Donghae whined, but again, the ignorance. He pursed his lips indicating a 'feeling sad' avatar mood on top of his head.

Just then, Hyukjae plopped in the room, and a playful grin etched on Donghae's face, causing Hyukjae to raise his left eyebrow. 

 "Wanna play chess?"

p/s: I have a chess tournament tomorrow >.< wish me luck.
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