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Drabbles- batch 6

I don't understand why school exams are  so long. I spent 20 minutes answering, 1 hour doodling, and then these three came up. And oh, I just heard yesterday that I'm accepted to the Chess' Nationals, which explains the short chess drabble. I'm both nervous and excited x] blurgh

 Dancing with a moron | Mir/Nana | G | Crack
A used-to-be-ballroom-dancer-turn-ballerina falls for a b-boy

"Why did you quit ballroom?" Mir asked, out of curiosity- obviously, ever since he saw all those trophies at her house, he was surprised the least that they weren't ballet medals. He always wanted to ask Nana the reason why she did not pursue ballroom, and there they were, watching 'So You Think You Can Dance, Korea', Mir figured it was the perfect timing.

"Because I don't want to depend on a partner!", Nana replied calmly,her excuse, Mir took as a lame one considering ballet also requires a partner at some point. He made a hypothetical prediction that Nana has different reasons, and that she actually misses ballroom dancing despite the expressionless, toneless, chic self she is who will never have the heart to miss anything, and she did not tell him for some other different reasons that are related or unrelated to him. He's a genius, he just never shows it to society.

A couple were starting their ballroom routine, and Mir started to analyze Nana, 'no change of expression' he noted in mind.

"Want some chips?" she offered, and Mir narrowed his eyes, "Interesting." If Nana never knew Mir, she would find this scenario weird and not normal, but since she does, she ignored him and continued to pay attention on the television screen.

The music started-the soothing ballroom music that Nana felt a longing to, Mir noticed too, and decided to stop playing detective and do something about it.

He placed his palm gently on Nana's hand, and he flashed a smile. He dragged Nana to a wider space in the living room while he had a playful grin on his face. "What are you doing?" she asked, and Mir ignored the question, rather he stroke a ballroom pose and asked with the most ridiculously cheezy tone, "Shall we?"

Nana giggled a little before she accepted his hand. She giggled some more after a few steps, "You never learnt ballroom before haven't you?" Mir just smiled sheepishly.

"Why should I learn from other people about expressing myself?" He let go off Nana's waist, and twisted her around, "Just dance to the rythm!" he then embraced her.

This felt wrong. Being with a guy who keeps mouthing out sappy cheezy one-liners felt wrong, dancing un-coordinated steps felt wrong,

Yet being in Mir's arms felt so right.


Lucifer | Yunho/Jaejoong | PG | fluff
You act like a devil, but you look like an angel

Yunho stared at the student a year older than him, sleeping soundlessly in his chair, head rested on his arm.It's preposterous to think that someone with such an angelic face becomes the school gangster, sometimes logic, that his looks contributed to his successfull bullying. He heard that he victims stare at his face unblinking out of awestruck rather than fear, before they get punched half-death. Jaejoong, or 'Hero' Jaejoong as some people refer him as, senior, failed calculus yet passed home-ec. That was one of the 56 things he doesn't understand about Jaejoong. How can someone like him, take up classes like home-ec?

But he wasn't in front of Jaejoong to figure out the reasons of his class pick, nor was it to come up with more mysteries to add up on his 'Things-I-don't-understand-about-Jaejoong-list', no, he was there because Mr. Sooman asked him to check on that kid who was snoring during the whole history class (but of course Jaejoong doesn't snore, Mr. Sooman was exaggerating). It took him a while before he realised he had to wake up that kid- student- senior- jaejoong- whatever.

"Excuse me." he tapped Jaejoong's shoulder, "seonbaenim!" still no answer, so he shaked his shoulders. "YAH!" Jaejoong winced, and Yunho immediately felt sorry. "School's over Mr. Sooman said you were sleeping during his class and-" Jaejoong wasn't listening, he looked at his watch and shot up instantly "Crap, I'm late for my shift." he ran out of the classroom, so fast that Yunho was startled, he catcthed up though.

"Wait!" ignored. "If you want I can cover your shift at the bookstore." silence. Jaejoong stopped his tracks and turned to look at Yunho. Yunho did not know which reason to say 'Oh My God' to, the fact he just offered the school's gangster some help, or the fact he let him know that he knows where he works.(He did not stalk!)

Jaejoong just smiled- or smirked, it was hard for Yunho to tell, he's blinded with Jaejong's beauty.

"No thanks!"


Memoir |Donghae/Eunhyuk | G | Crack
Donghae recites a letter to his queen

a short continuous of this

"Don't worry, things will be alright, trust me okay? You're just going for a short while. It's not that I don't want you here, it's just- we need you there! Never in my life would I abandon you. You're precious! You're special! You're everything that I adore, and because it's good for all, I need you out there. No, don't give me that look! You know how I feel when you give me that look. Smile would you? Would you? Okay fine, don't smile, but don't resent me. Please, this decision is not what I wanted either. I know I said I'll protect you, but the others can do so too. You've got the talent, you have what it needs, just go there, and kick some butts!"

"Would you cut the drama already?" Eunhyuk asks, bored.

"Sheesh, you're ruining the mood!" Donghae complained. He took a deep breath before pushing his queen six squares ahead. Eunhyuk smiled satisfiyingly, "Checkmate!" Donghae gasped. "I did not see that coming!" Eunhyuk laughed, "You sure would if you concentrated on the game rather than your precious queen." Donghae sulked, he looked at his 'precious queen' "I'm sorry that you're sacrifice is in vain!"

Tags: #fanfiction, fandom: after school, fandom: dbsk, fandom: mblaq, fandom: super junior, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae/jaejoong, pairing: mir/nana, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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