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My world crumbles when you're not here | Chanyeol/Baekhyun | PG Zombie!AU

Zombies were particularly easy to detect, because of the noises they make, the growling and the shouting kind of give the impression that they want their presence to be acknowledged

Chanyeol wakes up with a sore back and a mild headache. He has gotten used to it, ever since Korea was infected with the zombie thingy he's been sleeping in weird places he never thought he'd ever sleep at. Cardboard bozes in dark alleys, under the tables of abandoned houses, in a large fridge in a garbage disposal area, as long as it could shelter him for the night, he took it. Beggars shouldn't be choosers, his father used to tell him when he was a kid, he understood it in its context, never actually applied it in real life until the day his family was killed in front of him by zombies, and he became a fugitive.

People say- well, people used to say, love at first sight, but for Park Chanyeol, he found Baekhyun while searching for food to eat in a supposedly abandoned house. Zombies were particularly easy to detect, because of the noises they make, the growling and the shouting kind of give the impression that they want their presence to be acknowledged , so when he was rummaging the fridge searching for something that hasn't expired yet, he was shocked to discover a gun pointing at his head.

It was love at first death threat.

Baekyeol was in his arms, curled up, his head resting on Chanyeol's chest. Chanyeol stroked his head as he slept soundly. He liked moments like this, moments of peace and happiness, where he doesn't need to worry about killing zombies, moments where he momentarily forgets they're at the verge of death, and just savour the moment he has with the man he loves, that even if a zombie suddenly barges in and kills them both, it's okay.

They stayed in that position for a while until Chanyeol's stomach growled prompting him to stand up, causing Baekyeol to wake up. "Morning, beautiful!" Chanyeol plants a soft kiss on Baekyeol's lips. "What time is it?" he asks, voice still sore.

"Time for me to get us breakfast." Chanyeol exclaimed, refilling bullets in his gun. "Our supply has ran out." He stood up, slinging his back pack on his shoulders when suddenly he felt his wrist being grabbed. "Let me come with you." Chanyeol looked at him in disbelief. Baekyeol never followed in his hunt for food, they both agreed it was too dangerous for him, that his lack of zombie killing experience could cause him his life, and Chanyeol isn't ready to lose his only human companion in a zombie filled world. But the eager look in Baekyeol's eyes made him reconsider. "Okay" Baekyeol lighted up "But stay close to me at all times, and don't forget to use your gun." Chanyeol quickly added. "Aye aye sir!" 


The subway system stopped working as the infection spread rapidly, which was conveniant for the fugitives to use as pathways to anywhere all around Korea without having to deal with any zombies. There would sometimes be one or two zombies that somehow made their way into subway stations, but Chanyeol always killed them easily. That was never the problem, the subway lines were probably the safest place in the whole country and Chanyeol preferred if Baekyeol stayed there, because it's the mass zombies at the outside world that concerns him. 

"There aren't any zombies out here as I expected." Baekhyun says, almost sound disappointed.

"There aren't any yet. Don't underestimate them. Just look out for any abandoned houses or shops that potentially look like they have food" Chanyeol's grip on Baekyeol's hand is firm, holding his gun in his other hand. They didn't talk while they were walking until Chanyeol broke the silence with a question.

"Why'd you want to come?" 

Baekyeol stopped in his tracks, eyes staring at Chanyeol "What's wrong?" Chanyeol asks.

"Do you know how terrifying it is, to just sit there alone and wait? Hoping and praying for you to come back safely. I mean, what if you don't come back, what if you couldn't handle the zombies alone. What if the zombies outnumbered you, and you couldn't possibly escape them. What if- what if you turned into a zombie? Every time you go out for food, all these questions keep haunting me, and I can't deal with that. What if you- died, and I was underground, doing nothing, just waiting a-and-" he was at the verge of tears, and Chanyeol pulled him into a hug. 

"I'll be fine, and you'll be fine. Stop worrying, I can never leave you alone. I promise, I won't die." 

"You promise?" Chanyeol nodded, and held out his pinky finger, and Baekhyun entwined his pinky finger with Chanyeol's, both of them giggling like teenage girls. "So, does that mean I can come along on food huntings with you after this?"

"Oh, no. Don't get ahead of yourself. We'll see how today goes and we'll discuss this later!"


They found a convenience store a few blocks away from their exit line. Chanyeol went straight to find bacon and eggs while Baekhyun roamed the Personal hygiene and grooming products aisle. "Don't go too far!" Chanyeol reminded. "I won't" Baekyeol replied. 

He went to smell every single remaining shampoo bottles on the shelf, when suddenly he sensed hard breathing from his right, he slowly turned his head and was greeted by 4 pairs of yellow lifeless eyes staring at him, ready to attack. They all screamed simultaneously, with Baekhyun intuitively squirted shampoo into the first zombie's eyes causing him to growl in pain, bumping with his fellow zombies. Baekhyun repositioned himself into a fighting stance. He kicked the second zombie in the stomach, combined with a few side thrusting kicks. The third zombie received several punches on his face, and a high kick that made him stumble backwards. For the fourth zombie, Baekhyun simply kneed its groin with all his might. He pulled out his gun, and finished all four of them. 

Chanyeol arrived panting. "I heard screamings, and gunshots, Baekyeol, you...what just happened?" Chanyeol took a while to compute the situation, 

"You're late. You missed the show." Baekyeol exclaimed happily.  

" beat them all by yourself?" Chanyeol still seemed confused.

"Well I did some Taekwondo back in highschool, a few championships, no biggie. And to be quite honest, they weren't that hard to handle" Baekhyun said with a smug on his face.

"Ilove you!" Chanyeol said, in a daze.

"Of course you do!" as a matter of fact.

  -loosely inspired by iliaccrests's hunhan fic there will come soft rains
  -supposedly something longer with them fleeing off to China. but. whatever I'm lazy
  -and yes, Chanyeol is batman. and yes, Baekyeol probably is too
  -and I suck at html codes, forgive me.
  -pardon my English, it's. yeah. it's bad.
  -I feel like I have to say sorry. This fic is so bad
  -blurgh =,=

Tags: #fanfiction, fandom: exo, pairing: chanyeol/bawkhyun
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