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Drabbles- Batch 3

Contradictions | Henry/Zhoumi | G | Angst
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Hope | Siwon/Eunhyuk | G | Fluff

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Crushed | Junhyung/Hyunseung | PG-13 | Angst

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Stupidity | Amber/Krystal, Amber/Sulli | PG-13 | minor Angst/Fluff

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P/s: First time writing f(x)


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The Dream that did not come true

The dream that did not come true | Ryeowook | R | Angst, AU
Do you know how it feels when you have a dream that you could only achieve if you discard the law of nature?

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Let me get this straight first, I did not write this, my frind did, her name is Syafiqah. Well, our essay question was exactly ike this: A dream that did not come true. And by that sentence alone, you can get a lot of ideas of what 'dream' refers to, and what you want to write about it (I did mutants btw). When I read her essay about unisex(those who were born with two genders) and transgender, I kept imagining Ryeowook because, that boy would fool anyone with a wig on his head. Idk why I'm posting this, maybe because I feel as if this fiction is really good and I want people to comment about it(good or bad). Because fo out English teacher, she marked her essay and got a 'P/S: improper theme, improper rating, improper ending, put in moral values!' (I got a P/S: See me! -LOL) Well, comments please^^
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A friend's favor

Dating back in early February, I was in a writer slump, basically I couldn't write anything. All my plot bunnies stopped reproducing (can you believe that?) well, a month before I had a certain plot on my mind, and even wrote bits and pieces of it, but should I discard it completely just because an anonymous? It would be a complete waste don't you think? Since I wrote a few scenes already, I asked a friend, read0write to do me a favor, which is to continue the fic, and she agreed upon it.

I really find the subject 'prostitute' an interesting one, since, well, just think of it, what kind of parent wants prostitution as the career path for their child? And even if you ask the prostitutes, the reason they chose that job was because their family awaits in their village (usually the rural areas), and it's the fastest way to get money for their family. And also, a majority of them claimed their parents know nothing of their what they do for a living. I actually tried to capture that feeling of desperately doing something wrong for an imperative purpose. I tried to elaborate on that issue, but it did not work as I planned, maybe next time (a big fat MAYBE) because I'm also fascinated by premature death, and drug dealers. Well, I already have done the drug dealer!AU, the others awaits.

And here it is, a prostitute!AU fic with read0write's writing combined with what I wrote in January.

Unexpected arrivals and unpredictable things | Kibum/eunhyuk, Siwon/Eunhyuk | R | crack/angst

(“Did you eat a bowling ball today? You’re so round I could just roll you around instead of having you waddle everywhere.”)

Kpopficwangst ♥

I had a really good time on 9.0, it was so much fun. I think what makes kpfw so interesting is that everyone is anoned, so everything that was posted was judged and replied without looking at names or format, or friends and even those who reply back can reply freely. It was a very fun experience. Even though I participated a bit in 7.0 and 8.0, 9.0 (in the time being) the only version where I refreshed EVERY SINGLE PAGE, nad what's better is that I requested for two rare pairings and gave prompt, and some people answered :DD That is so cool, and de-anoning happened with weird timezones, so I still haven't met my anons, but their work is still with me. I hope people reading this is clear, I DID NOT WRITE THESE FICS, some anons wrote it for me using my prompts.

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I'm really curious as to who wrote these for me, I'm flattered that they were willing to write for a complete anonymous. If it's you, or a friend of yours, do tell me. I would've filed a missing person report if only I had names.